Tobacco Load

Legislators are weighing increasing premium cigar taxes by up to 20,000 percent

On Friday, July 14, at the gallery, Indie Unplugged Miami — a music showcase hosted by spoken-word guru Chris Imperial — had the heated ambiance of an end-of-the-line fundraiser. There were easily 100 people crowded into the bright, colorful performance space. Heads bobbed and hands waved paper fans to cool the room, steamy with the press of bodies. The diverse audience included young, old, black, white, and Hispanic, clad in baggy urban chic, flowing hippie garb, and close-fitting hipster styles. The Cornerstoners launched into an earnest rap: "A new chapter of my life is open. I'm so focused, I'm so focused. Everybody in the house say change is good, change is good. Let's change," implored the man at the mike.

Offstage, Imperial took a harsher tone. "I'ma be real with you. So many people are trying to keep it real and keep the indie scene alive. And then so many others are selling out. The scenes in South Beach and Coconut Grove are so different now. This place ... the Wallflower is necessary. It needs to survive. The Miami scene today is so ... I mean, what the fuck? Artists and musicians are so beaten down by this bullshit that a lot of people just say 'Fuck it' and move to San Francisco or New York." — Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

Waiting on a Train

Mike Gorman

Now that 30 Miami Beach civic organizations have banded together into a unified force, it appears that any futuristic vision of connecting Miami to Miami Beach with a Disney-style monorail will only occur with the ingestion of large amounts of hallucinogens. — Taken from: Miami Vision Blogorama!

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