Face Time

A plethora of portraits gets the spotlight at Steinbaum

Likewise, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons turns to history as a means to explore identity. Her autobiographical work traces her roots from America, to her Cuban homeland, to her ancestors who were enslaved in Nigeria. In Bin Bin Lady the Harvest, a striking series of six large Polaroids grouped together to form a self-portrait, the nude artist appears veiled under a peek-through lattice-patterned fuchsia-color burka. As she holds fruit in her hands while she stands before an exotic flower, sharply defined lights and shadows accentuate the stark scene.

Parcero's Re-Invento #25: The Da Vinci mode
Parcero's Re-Invento #25: The Da Vinci mode


Through September 1. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, 3550 N Miami Ave, Miami; 305-573-2700, www.bernicesteinbaumgallery.com.

Although a few of the works on exhibit might not gel, Steinbaum succeeds in marshaling her forces to hit paydirt. If the old-school dealer moves her flagship brands out the door in the process, then, hey, for the artists it's all gravy.

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