Hate Shack, Not Where It's At

The new, not-entirely-improved lifeguard shacks are making South Beach locals cringe

Carcache, who denies allegations from the other side that he is attempting to launch a bid for a seat on the Sweetwater City Commission, insists the donated goods will never make it to Managua. — Calvin Godfrey

Shack Attack

Mike Gorman

"Whoever thought this piece of shit up missed the spirit of the originals by a mile, and should be kicked in his patriotic balls."

— Alesh from Critical Miami, referring to a shot of a red, white, and blue Miami Beach lifeguard stand (www.flickr.com/photos/alesh/229856439)
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I just came across this article and now see the true colors of Richard and Mickey Steinbergs campaign on Miami Beach.  They have hired David Carache Guzman as their campaign manager.  During early voting I have seen him physically grab a female candidate and now I read about him having been arrested...its old school politics for the Steinberg family hiring check forgers and people who steal to cause havok in Beach politics.  Steinberg, I am embarrassed to  be have grown up on the beach with your "prominent" family. 

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