The Go-to Guy for the Gun-Shy

“We needed to advertise to people who knew where the guns were”

New Times recently received a tip that Thomas has been hanging out in Miami. On its Website, Morgan Street Properties lists an office building at 200 SE First St. as one of its "current projects." Exactly what "current project" means -- is the building for sale? -- is unclear.

A call to Morgan Street Properties, based in Chicago, was redirected to Mike Banas, of Chicago-based Ashton Partners, a "strategic advisory firm specializing in investor relations and corporate communications," according to its Website. Banas advised New Times to reinquire with Morgan Street Properties. A receptionist at the latter put New Times on hold for a few minutes and came back saying, "All I can tell you is to try Mike Banas again." Banas did not return a second call. -- Isaiah Thompson

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