My Girlfriend Flicka

Giddyup games are more than childish fun for ponyplay fetishists

Another neighbor finds it comical. "Hey, whatever floats anybody's bubble," he says. "I don't care, but I don't play them kinda games."

Social rejection isn't the only trouble with the ponyplay lifestyle.


On a horseback ride through Ocala National Forest, around a lake, and to the prairie, Sherifox talks about friends whom she's lost to drugs and about the stresses of promoting a fetish while trying to live a normal life.

When Foxy began designing ponyplay accessories and selling them at events a couple of years ago, their popularity quickly grew. So, too, did the demand for the couple's presence at the events, because pony gear sells better with a face attached, especially Sherifox's.

The truth is, though, Sherifox isn't big on exhibitionism anymore. Her days as a stripper cured her of it, and now she prefers the camaraderie of people who know her best. She can get on just fine without the BDSM youngsters, but she can see Foxy takes an interest in them. Curious about their lives, Foxy has no problem approaching the strangest-looking person in a room -- the girl with piercings all over her face and black hair spiked to the ceiling. And everybody loves the original cracker cowboy, Sherifox says.

She has always been slightly unsure of herself, she says. In high school she was head cheerleader and dated a popular football player, but she never believed she was pretty. She wishes she could be more like Foxy, she says as she guides her horse toward a pond. He's got true confidence. He doesn't seem to care what anybody thinks of him.

Sherifox and Foxy made a pact that if the fetish community's events ever came between them or got somebody jealous, they would drop out. They have an agreement that at every event, Foxy will play with Sherifox before he plays with anyone else, and he has always honored that. They make an effort to go out and do normal things during the fetish-party weekends, like visiting museums and stopping for picnic lunches. These activities remind Sherifox when she's on the road that the fetish stuff is just for kicks. A game. A fantasy.

Their reality, of course, is here in Ocklawaha.

"We're just like anybody -- a normal couple," Sherifox insists. "We get up and drink our coffee. We work hard. We walk to the barn holding hands." Its all about primitive autoerotic desires or maybe penis envy, Anna Freud contended.

Hes gotten weirder and weirder. Now hes into dressing up like a goddamn horse?

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