Once upon a Time in Miami

A dream, a castle, a neighborhood uproar

But it still wasn't.

They could not be left alone. Some visitors left kind notes and mangoes in their mailbox. Firemen parked their red truck outside one day and turned on a big speaker. "Your house is beautiful," it boomed.

On Halloween, costumed children paid no attention to the candy Anthony and Glencers offered, but instead tried to take pictures. Others, according to police reports, threw eggs and wrote nasty things about how the two men shouldn't be in love with each other.

Their house would have a drawbridge with a stone moat.
Ivylise Simones
Their house would have a drawbridge with a stone moat.

So they took out their doorbell and put a lock on the gate.

The old priest kept sending code enforcers. After six visits, the men just said hello and apologized for bothering them. They did not ask to see their big stack of papers anymore. But some people still stayed mad.

The giant red curtain over the front door turned the nice old lady next door into a furious witch. Her name was Myrna and she hated it. It belonged in San Francisco, she said, or on a big plot of land out in the middle of nowhere where "it could be appreciated."

The witch worried that children in the neighborhood would be upset and confused by the curtain. She cursed Anthony and Glencers when it blew into her trees during a big storm. They gave her a kitten, which she kept. But soon she began putting food out for their other cats.

They stayed at her house.

But Myrna still complained. She didn't like their pink paint. "A pink castle?" she said. "That doesn't make sense."

After some years, the old priest moved away. Myrna stopped talking after they painted the pink stripes black. Some neighbors even asked Anthony and Glencers to come and make the inside of their houses nice.

People stopped writing nasty things on the gate. Now when strangers come by to ask about the house, they find there is no bell. But a nice girl from across the street answers their questions. Anthony and Glencers like her very much.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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