The Mother, the Son, and the Holy Boast

Turned on to music by his mom, underground MC Dynas has won an avid following. His biggest fan? Himself, naturally

"We had a unique presence," Dynas recalls. "It was like the Wu-Tang Clan meets Souls of Mischief; people really digged us." During a performance at the How Can I Be Down? conference -- an annual showcase for new talent, formerly held in Miami -- Dynas drew the attention of an A&R exec from RCA Records. "He saw that I stuck out, which wasn't an uncommon thing. A lot of people kept saying how I should just do my own shit 'cause, quite frankly, I was the best out of all of them," Dynas notes with typical humility.

The major-label deal was short-lived, however. RCA dropped its support -- Dynas attributes the split to the proverbial "irreconcilable differences" -- and he was left to pursue a solo career on his own. He was eventually picked up by DJ Spinna's label, Beyond Real Records, putting out several singles with artists like Masta Ace and Big Gipp of Goodie Mobb.

One obstacle Dynas has encountered is his refusal to sacrifice his lyrical integrity by rapping about "selling rocks on the corner." His last EP, titled Make Ya Mind Right, offers an eloquent critique of the state of the industry: "These studio felons be steady yellin', but be sheeps inside/All that rhymin', no indictments, how you sleep at night?/ Where you grindin', there ain't no sirens, so you feedin'us hype. "

Dynas: "The term wack does not even go near my name"
Dynas: "The term wack does not even go near my name"


Dynas performs with Phobia, Earthworx, and Copywrite 78 on Saturday, June 16, at PS 14, 28 NE 14th St, Miami. Doors open at 10:00 p.m. Tickets cost $10; eighteen and older welcome with ID. Call 305-358-3600, or visit

Of course, nowhere is rap thuglier than Miami, where MCs have made careers from celebrating the city as the world capital of drugs, money, and sexy mamis -- the tropical bling trifecta.

"What people don't realize is that Miami is a huge city with different personalities," Dynas counters. "Think of it like this: Miami is like a man. See, there's a time when a man is on the street hustling to make a few dollars; then there's that man who wants to get freaky in the club and party with sexy ladies; then there's the college-educated man who does all these things but not to the extreme that the media portrays. I'm like the blue-collar MC; I rap about shit that I know and my everyday experiences, and I'm not the only one that can relate to what I'm saying."

With his debut LP set to drop on Bad Gramma this fall, and several other projects in the works -- in particular another LP for famed New York hip-hop label Rawkus Records -- Dynas says he's ready to show Miami's other side: "This movement is bigger than Trick, Rick, and Pit; there's a conscious, lyrical side to this city that knows how to rhyme about subjects beyond material things."

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