Ruano Roulette

He is still "completely freaked out by this whole thing"

"Justo Whatever-his-name-is is saying bad things about the Bass and about the princess," Jaffe told New Times. "The museum runs beautifully. The museum is great. I've been trying to find out what the devil is behind this."

Jaffe said that Her Royal Highness didn't make a penny off the exhibit and that the public loved it. Sanchez counters by saying the collection's value has risen by simply being on display in a museum. He also insists that by raising the questions, he's shedding light on a little-known public institution that is funded by tax dollars.

"I have no agenda," Sanchez said. "I believe museums should operate ethically." -- Tamara Lush

Justo Sanchez is a man on a mission
Justo Sanchez is a man on a mission

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