Little Havana Heights

Flourishing among kitsch, a couple of gems off Calle Ocho

The screen switched to a YouTube snippet featuring an obese snaggletoothed black man wearing tighty whiteys and scratching his bare midriff while moaning that a bout of chicken pox was driving him mad.

The performers waded into the audience with magic markers, contaminating each other and the public with a red rash, hitting home hard with the premise behind the audacious Bug Chasers.

At the end of the performance, Campos asked audience members to whip out their raffle tickets to see who had won.

One freaky health seminar
One freaky health seminar


Contemporanea Fine Arts, 1555 SW 8th St, Miami; 305-642-3080. 801 Projects, 801 SW 3rd Ave, Miami; 786-399-7375,, Open studios, through July 3, by appointment.

Mine read "poz" (as in HIV-positive), leaving my head spinning with an overdose of stimuli, yet echoing how fulfilling my two-night foray into alternative Little Havana had been.

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