Letters from the Issue of May 10, 2007

"You need to check your facts.

Typically your cover story would have stayed with a theme, or a specific look into an aspect of the article, like what's it like to be a benchwarmer. Even without Wright, call former players who experienced the same, talk to his teammates about how he copes, call college coaches he passed on, call his mom, call a sports psychologist ... don't just get a press pass and say he "cups" people's heads during timeouts and chews gum.

Dorell Wright's amazing ability is not fully developed, and neither was that article. As a result it never should have gotten prime time play.

However, I still enjoy the New Times.


North Bay Village


Due to an editing error, Brandon K. Thorp's review of Anna Karenina ("Anna's Angst," May 3) mischaracterized Kelly Kaduce as a tenor. She is a soprano.

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