Midgets, Rats, and Votes

This mayor's race has some crazy weirdness. Que dulce!

Maroño's supporters also allege there have been dirty tricks. "This is the filthiest campaign I've ever seen," says Police Chief Robert Fulgeira, who has been canvassing on behalf of the mayor, who is his close friend.

Fulgeira further alleges that everyone has been affected by the fallout; he says even the mother of his administrative sergeant, Rolando Perez, has been receiving threatening calls from blocked numbers. "They've been telling her in Spanish, 'We're gonna sweep the streets with your face.'"

When asked about the matter, Perez denied it had occurred. "Why would the chief say something like that?"

Candidate Villanueva
Calvin Godfrey
Candidate Villanueva

Villanueva and Maroño are both confident that they will win. We'll find out who's right on May 8.

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