The Devil in Mr. Jones

How Tom Jones made sexual innuendo the lingua franca of rock and roll

Jones has appeared in films and on The Simpsons, been awarded the Order of the British Empire, and invited by President Clinton to perform at the Lincoln Memorial during the millennium celebrations. In 2005 he was knighted. There's some irony in this last accolade, given that he's lived in America since the Seventies, reportedly to avoid paying British income taxes. (He has said that he doesn't consider himself an American, and feels guilty that he's unable to speak Welsh.)

Miraculously, Jones, allegedly given to many a dalliance over the years, remains to this day married to his first and only bride, Melinda. On March 2 they celebrated their golden anniversary.

His biographer has said that Mrs. Jones treats him as if he were a janitor or businessman. Jones himself once said the two met during a time when "you put up with your husband for better or for worse," and that the marriage has been strained on occasion by "show business," but that they are still in love and happy. Not so much husband and wife as man and wife.

Do you, Mr. Jones? Sir Thomas Jones awaits your undies
Do you, Mr. Jones? Sir Thomas Jones awaits your undies


Tom Jones performs at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, at the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE 2nd Ave, Miami. Tickets cost $59 to $99. Call 305-372-4634, or visit

The days of unadulterated adultery may be over for Jones, who is now, by the way, a grandpa. But if Jones wants the panties off, you can rest assured he'll get them off (again, pun intended). When it comes to wetting, or whetting, certain appetites — making the shiver shake and the quiver quake — Tom Jones remains your man.

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