What a Character

She's had her brush with online infamy. Now Lily Tomlin is ready to make you laugh again

Speaking of smug lounge acts, what about the Bush Administration? Will Tomlin talk politics tonight? Not exactly, but she says Ernestine will. "I'll certainly make some comments. Ernestine now has a reality-based Web chat show. Now she can have a Webcast with the president, or anybody." Then there's former Florida Secretary of State and Senate candidate Katherine Harris. "She was a funny one," Tomlin says. "Did she really get all her campaign cash from her father? Oy."

As for that moviemaking meltdown, Tomlin is circumspect. "Twenty, 30 years ago when a friend of mine would be riding pretty high, and then they'd hit a low point, I'd think, you know, as painful as it is, in some way they're being liberated," she said. "When you're starting out, and you're getting a lot of attention, and you're really on top, you just fear that something is gonna go wrong, and when something finally does go wrong — oh boy, what a relief."

Even sailors fear a tongue-lashing from Lily Tomlin
Even sailors fear a tongue-lashing from Lily Tomlin


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