Miami-Dade Corrections officers think a new uniform code discriminates against black men

Then there's the inmate who recently died of salmonella poisoning. And police officers have balked at hours-long waits to get arrestees booked. A smoke evacuation system renovation ordered by building inspectors has gone millions of dollars over budget and has yet to be completed.

So why, Johnson asks, would his superiors go after their most dedicated employees, the veterans at TGK? "You've got some of the best workers [there]," he says. "We're so short-staffed. Every time they need people for overtime we're the ones they call."

Even if the new employee appearance code is changed to be more forgiving to braids and dreads, it will be too late for Johnson. "My braids were neat," he sighs. "We weren't looking like thugs or bums. I am very sharp in my uniform."

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