The Postmarks Always Sing Twice

America's next great pop band just happens to hail from South Florida. Surprised? So are they

But attempting to emulate the intricate melodic structures of pop masters like Bacharach proved a time-consuming venture for both men, who are graphic designers by day. They spent late nights toiling at the home studio in Moll's Coral Springs apartment. Fortunately Moll is not only a superb composer, but a veteran producer, renowned for his impeccable board work on albums such as See Venus's Hard Time For Dreamers.

What the pair lacked was someone to supply inspired vocals. That missing element came courtesy of the willowy Yehezkely, whom Wilkins discovered singing at an open mike night at Club Dada in Delray Beach. He was enthralled by her delicate voice, which he knew would serve as the perfect complement to Moll's luscious instrumentals.

Yehezkely herself was a little less certain. As a 22-year-old chemistry major at Florida Atlantic University, the thought of ditching her studies to join forces with a couple of thirtysomething musicians struck her as far-fetched. Still, she was aware that both Moll and Wilkins were acclaimed musicians, and was flattered by the duo's sincere interest in her singing. What finally won her over, she says, was listening to some samples of Moll's multilayered production.

There's a reason the Postmarks are not known for their graffiti skills
There's a reason the Postmarks are not known for their graffiti skills

But before she agreed to start recording, Yehezkely had one caveat: "I couldn't sing someone else's words; it had to come from me," she says.

From the beginning all three players agreed that they wanted the record they created to sustain an atmosphere of longing. After experimenting with several tracks, the trio hit a breakthrough of sorts with the song "Leaves," a paean to vanished love. "Breathe in your smile behind a tree blended with petals and dreams," Yehezkely whispers. "But you won't notice until the fall, when you come to see the girl left behind leaves." The melody is sustained by Moll's tender piano work, recalling a long-lost theme from a vintage music toy box. "Leaves" is Yehezkely's favorite song, one of several that focuses on the changing of the seasons as a metaphor for the birth and death of relationships.

Moll says he wrote the song lines with a cinematic feel in mind. As a graphic designer, he says, "I'm always aware of the colors the songs represent; a lot of thought goes into them."

Although work has already begun on a second album, for now the bandmates are focused on translating their studio magic to a live setting. Next week they embark on their ambitious national tour, one that Moll is hoping will help the band reach a level of success that will allow him, at long last, to quit his day job.

For Yehezkely, who someday would like to finish her college degree — she only has four classes left — the world is full of possibilities. "It has already succeeded beyond any expectations I had," she says. "I just hope it keeps on growing where it needs to grow. I'm trusting whatever happens."

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