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A Spanish singer, two employees, and a flawed legal case

But on the tape Gonzalez denies meeting Riveira at the airport.

Defense lawyer Richardson offers an alternative version of events. Gonzalez and his wife had been working for Sanz for six years. In exchange for about $30,000 a year as well as housing in the estate's guesthouse, they cared for the property and boats. They grew disillusioned with their employer's behavior, which they claim became increasingly erratic and abusive. (Apparently the feeling was mutual: Sometime in 2006 Sanz fired Sylvia Alzate. Gonzalez then quit in late November.)

Angry at their treatment, the couple offered to sell their story to a tabloid (Richardson declined to say which one) — sleazy perhaps, but not illegal. As the arrest affidavit puts it, Gonzalez claimed "to know many things that could hurt Sanchez-Pizarro's reputation." Somebody from that tabloid then contacted Sanz's people. That's when Sanz reached out to authorities.

What exactly Gonzalez knows has not yet been made public, but presumably it has something to do with a rock star partying, well, like a rock star.

Von Zamft says they've found items copied from Sanz's computer in the couple's apartment. Presumably this is the embarrassing stuff the couple was preparing to sell. Now Von Zamft has asked the judge to seal some of the discovery — evidence the state has collected — in order to protect Sanz's privacy. If that motion is denied, the embarrassing material about Sanz may become part of the public record.

The hearing on the motion is scheduled for March 14.

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