Letters from the Issue of March 15, 2007

"Your excellent article exposed the ugly truth."

In fact New Jersey implemented the more stringent safety measures and rules, which other state commissions then adopted, and the new owners simply followed those rules to be able to stage a sanctioned event anywhere in the United States.

Please find the following language in our administrative proposal, written in 2001, regarding martial arts. "In past years, the SACB had been hesitant to sanction mixed martial arts events due to the lack of formal rules in the sport which created health and safety concerns. The SACB anticipates that this proposal will result in uniform rules for mixed martial arts events held throughout the United States."

Nick Lembo

Via the Internet


The name of the restaurant Chéen-Huaye was misspelled in our January 25 review, "Yucatecan or Leave it." Also, in the March 8 Taste advertising supplement, the location of the restaurant North One 10 was incorrectly described. It is at 11052 Biscayne Blvd.

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