Hit and Run Hero

Not everyone’s charged with a crime — even if someone is killed.

Gutierrez voiced his displeasure with prosecutors in two letters to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle last month. He was particularly upset by prosecutors' decision not to charge Ventura with vehicular homicide, as well as a plea offer in which Ventura could avoid any jail time. "We'd like the state to do what is right," Guttierrez said. "Johann's mother is just looking for something that gives her some sense of justice."

A State Attorney's Office spokesman, Ed Griffith, says prosecutors have not closed the door on charging Ventura with vehicular homicide. "That is still under investigation," Griffith said. "And we have certainly attempted to contact witnesses. However they have been hesitant to come forward."

Ventura's attorney, H. Scott Fingerhut, did not return calls for comment. In November, Fingerhut told New Times that Ventura bolted because he feared for his life: "It was only when Carlos's own safety became in dire jeopardy that he thought it best to take cover elsewhere." — Francisco Alvarado

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