His Satanic Majesty's Request

Close down every church so the true church can begin.

Better Late Than Never On February 6, after months of legal wrangling, immigration officials approved Morocco-born Adam Oufkir's request for humanitarian parole. Following a friendly kick in the ass from Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, our gracious government decreed the eighteen-month-old baby was allowed to enter the United States and live in Surfside with his adoptive parents — Malika Oufkir and Eric Bordreuil.

As New Times reported ("Out of Africa," December 21), the couple adopted the infant from an orphanage in Marrakesh in July 2005 when he was just days old. Officials had denied Adam entry because neither Oufkir nor Bordreuil was a U.S. citizen. Permanent residents must apply for a visa for adopted children. The wait time is four years.

Upon hearing the news of her son, Oufkir headed to the American Consulate in Casablanca to secure his travel documents.

666: The number of the priest
666: The number of the priest

"Hopefully Malika and Adam will arrive in Miami February 22, two days before my birthday," Bordreuil gushes. "Can you imagine how I feel?" — Joanne Green

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