Healthy Hip-Hop

Organic beats and wholesome messages

Most of today’s radio hip-hop is like a value meal from KFC – deep-fried, controversial, and ultimately unhealthy. Tired of watching the community gorge itself on garbage, activist and event organizer Tony Muhammed is offering a nutritious and appetizing alternative. This year’s two-day Organic Hip-Hop Conference is themed “Music, Culture, and Nutricide.” Renowned lecturer, historian, and holistic wellness expert Dr. Llaila O. Afrika will be the event’s headliner.

“The conference will deal with diet in terms of food, in terms of the kind of music that we listen to, and in terms of the kind of culture we’re cultivating in our community,” Muhammed explains. Local rappers Mecca, Omniscient, and the legendary Society will drop knowledge, and DJs Snowhite and Utopia will drop beats. The highlight of today’s event will be the first Hip-Hop Film Festival, which will feature screenings of La Fabri-K (The Cuban Hip-Hop Factory), Kidnappings, and a sneak peek at the documentary Bling.
Sat., Feb. 24, 12-8 p.m.
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