The Seminole Sun Sets on Anna Nicole

The day Anna Nicole Smith's corpse was wheeled from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, tribe members were setting up for their annual powwow.

The result: the Beach's second bike lane. "It starts in the middle of nowhere," admitted Redfern, "but it's here, and it's used, and it's beautiful." Indeed, the lane abruptly springs into existence alongside the Miami Beach Golf Course and then continues for a good, well, almost a kilometer, anyway.

The last bike lane to grace the roadways of Miami Beach is the unmarked white line on the Venetian Causeway, which I'd failed to use on my way to meet Redfern. I mistook it for a shoulder.

Redfern remains hopeful. She has lots more plans for bike lanes on the Beach, on Prairie Road and along the Dade Canal, as well as an extension of the existing Alton Road lane.

Mike Gorman

"If you build it," Redfern assured, "they will ride." — Isaiah Thompson

More Good News for Cheerleaders
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As if you needed another reason to worship cheerleaders.

National Geographic recently named Mireya Mayor, a former Dolphins pompom girl, as one of its seven Emerging Explorers, awarding her $10,000 toward her research.

Mayor, 33, is a professor of anthropology and forensics at the University of Miami. The Little Havana native is also one of the world's foremost primatologists. She's traveled the globe studying the rarest of our cousins. In Madagascar, she discovered a new species of mouse lemur that turned out to be the world's smallest primate. She convinced that country's prime minister to establish a national park to help protect the little guy.

"There's something very special about a gorilla, when you look into their eyes," Mayor said by way of explaining her passion for primates.

Mayor has twice been nominated for an Emmy, as a correspondent for the magazine's Explorer TV series. Did we mention she's also a Fulbright Scholar and a National Science Foundation Fellow?

As for the cheerleading gig (1992 to 1996, while in college), Mayor is characteristically modest. "I thought, öWhat better way to stay in shape and watch football every week?'" — Rob Jordan

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