Super Brawls

The kid produced a pocket knife and slashed his adversary on the arm

St. John struck a discordant figure: long slicked-back raven hair and small oval sunglasses. The 49-year-old described his father as "an American James Bond" with "a taste for fine wine, fine cigars, and international intrigue."

Hunt's youngest son, a 27-year-old naval officer named David, stepped up to the pulpit in a double-breasted jacket and extolled his dad's ability to "effect wide-scale changes through a cloak of covert strategic activity."

When I began asking questions in the lobby following the hour-long ceremony, a miffed funeral director instructed a Miami Shores cop to usher me out to the parking lot.

Yep, it's metal
Yep, it's metal

"We were expecting a lot more trouble," Hunt's good friend Sid Reese said as he climbed into his Chevy pickup. "A lot of people in South America didn't like him, and a lot of people in Cuba didn't like him." — Calvin Godfrey

Ript from the Blogs
Don't Have Mercy
Grove residents — the ones who are not in the Related Group's pocket — want the development [of condos on Mercy Hospital property] stopped. Jorge Perez, the developer, says the huge project will not affect anyone. He says no one can see it from South Bayshore Drive. Know what? I live next door and will see it every single day. Except I will be moving from the Grove for good if this is allowed.
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