Toys for Lots

See what these guys do for Munny

Robles, like Diaz and Angel, is young and eager, and came to appreciate art through graffiti, comics, and cartoons. And like his peers, the 23-year-old views Munnys as just another way to put his stuff out there, another hustle. "It's funny that it's called Munny," he muses, "because I feel like this is a way to make money." He's going to try to sell his creations for about $350 each.

But his affair with the little guys won't likely go beyond a two-night tryst. "I'm having a blast; it's a very fun medium," he says, but "I probably won't be making any more of these. It's always good to keep things fresh."

New Times Broward•Palm Beach staff writer Ashley Harrell contributed to this report.

Ivylise Simones
Johnny Robles

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