Galleries of the Dolls

Su-en Wong and Hackworth Ashley lampoon stereotypes and stars

Other TV faves whom Ashley jerks around include Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Worf, the Klingon curmudgeon from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In this degenerate wanker's world, Tinseltown tarts need not suffer from pecker envy. He adorns Paris Hilton with her own Johnson, and adds some heft to Mary-Kate Olsen as well.

In Ashley's neck-twisting Olsen, the lollipop-head celebrity dangles a dilly as she squats in a stone garden. The boho-chic icon sports a smart pair of pink peep-toe pumps and a rainbow-print tank top. Laser beams shoot upward from her wrinkled willy, activating the large gemstones she holds in each hand. They erupt like fireworks, sending a milky spray skyward.

Su-en Wong's Yellow Highlighter/Puffball, now on exhibit at Kevin Bruk Gallery
Su-en Wong's Yellow Highlighter/Puffball, now on exhibit at Kevin Bruk Gallery


Su-en Wong Exhibit: Through March 3. Kevin Bruk Gallery, 2249 NW 1st Pl, Miami; 305-576-2000,

Hackworth Ashley's “Thank You, Come Again”: Through February 3. Spinello Gallery, 3436 N Miami Ave, Miami; 305-576-0208,

Ashley also offers hilariously wicked versions of Elijah Wood and Harry Potter.

In one piece, a pointy-eared Frodo reclines nude, squeezing his sack like a gay centerfold model. The gimlet-eyed Hobbit fires a dream catcher from his turgid tally whacker.

Pizza Potter depicts the young wizard floating in deep space over a luminescent green grid. He is shrouded by a rainbow aura emanating from his prepubescent divining rod, and seems to be ruminating over the consequences of sacrificing his virginity to a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Ashley, a native of Tennessee, conjures a hallucinatory, Crowley-like landscape where spilled bodily fluids mix easily with the dark arts. He might make one wonder whether he and his backwoods kinfolk are lacing their 'shine with some 'shrooms.

Whatever the source of his inspiration, one leaves Ashley's show hankering for a dose of the stuff, chased by more of his delightfully depraved work.

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