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"Is this like some Howard Stern thing where you’re supposed to look stupid?”

Azteca Dunnys are three inches tall and have been customized by Mexican artists such as Artemio, Carlos Dufour, and Ed Sison. Many of the figures appear to be malevolent, multihue marauders with stubby ears. The Beast Brothers' version sports a colorful headdress; El Muerto's wears dark shades and brandishes a spidery shield. Each toy retails for about six dollars.

Dunnys can be found at comics shops and Urban Outfitters, though a recent check at the store in Aventura Mall turned up an empty inventory. "They sell out as soon as we get them," an employee said. To mark the Azteca release, the Pink Ghost Shop in Fort Lauderdale is throwing a Dunny party Thursday, January 18, complete with coffee, cupcakes, a DJ, and, of course, toy trading. — Emily Witt

Azteca Dunnys
Azteca Dunnys

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The current system of county government is like its own solar system, with thirteen planets revolving around a single bright star: the campaign fundraising power of production home builders.... The housing bubble has been like financial crack cocaine to local legislatures in Miami-Dade County.
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