Potsdamer Powerhouse

The Bass chronicles Berlin's artistic rebirth

Thomas Demand's work also tweaks perception. He culls images from the media, re-creates life-size models of architectural spaces out of colored paper and cardboard, and then photographs the facsimiles. The result is work thrice distanced from its source.

A handful of his spectacular, color-saturated C-prints depicts the settings associated with a young boy who was purportedly sold by his mother to a group in a southern German village in 2001. They abused and murdered the child and then dumped his body in a garbage bag. The sensational case rocked Germany. Demand's Cell (Klause) V, depicting an interior view of the closet where the boy was killed, re-creates a widely reproduced media image.

This insightful show boasts a kinetic glimpse at the intriguing scene that has emerged since the end of the Cold War. The variety and complexity of the works shout, "Welcome to the New Berlin," leaving no doubt about the resurgence of the city's visual arts.

Frank Thiel's Stadt 2/36/A (Berlin, Reichstag), 
Frank Thiel's Stadt 2/36/A (Berlin, Reichstag), 1998


Through January 21
Bass Museum of Art, 2121 Park Ave, Miami Beach; 305-673-7530

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