Stop the Cat Box

The Delano tanked by technicality, defaulting through duplicity

Cafeteria has always been one of The Bitch's favorite places to get iced tea and macaroni and cheese. But the multilevel bistro has had its share of woes, including a recent spate of civil complaints by restaurant suppliers and a bankruptcy court hearing scheduled for this week. On-again, off-again nights on its rooftop are currently on again, under the name Air, courtesy of Michael Capponi.

"I think we're putting some of those issues behind us," Castelli said, referring to the financial beefs. "I'm glad to be back for the season, and I'm looking forward. But first I have to learn everyone's name on the waitstaff."

Andrew Castelli is that crazy Cafeteria guy
Lyssa Oberkreser
Andrew Castelli is that crazy Cafeteria guy


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