Letters from the Issue of December 7, 2006

"It would be worth it to go to jail for taking his fed-up @$$ off the face of this earth”

Daphne Jones
Palo Alto, California

Maya, Maya

Who'd have guessed?: In reference to Carlos Suarez De Jesus's story "Maya, How You Haven't Changed" (November 2): The title of this article gives the impression that Mayan people are stuck in some ancient past and have not progressed like those people we consider modern. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Maya are both modern and traditional like all of us. And their weaving has changed. Mayan weavers have been enthusiastic about the rich colors available through aniline-dyed threads, for example.

Marvin Cohodas
Vancouver, British Columbia


An item titled "Rockstar Righteous" in the November 23 "Wrappin'" guide improperly identified the designer of a line of jewelry at J.W. Cooper in the Bal Harbour Shops. He is Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres. A story called "Velvet Gold Mine" in the November 30 issue mischaracterized an appearance by the New York Dolls. Two band members will DJ at performances this week; they will not appear at Churchill's. (See the item about Silvain Silvain and Sam Yaffa in this issue's Livewire.)

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