Risky Business

"The inmates throw pee, bleach, semen, doo-doo; wee-wees out everywhere"

Camillus spokesman Sam Gil says the charity does not comment on personnel decisions. "The letter speaks for itself," Gil says. "We have zero tolerance."

Given the possible role of federal grant money in the alleged misconduct, it remains to be seen whether prosecutors will be looking to pry more information out of Camillus. — Francisco Alvarado

Bumbling a crime near you
Bumbling a crime near you

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Open Butt, Insert Head
Those of us who haven't had our heads up our asses have always known that the market was fueled in large part by speculators. It was also fueled by real estate agents, developers, and mortgage brokers who amped up the hype about how hot the market was in such a self-serving and irresponsible way that they created mass hysteria about it.
Taken from: A Mom, a Blog, and the Life In-Between (tere-tere.blogspot.com)

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