Letters from the Issue of November 16, 2006

"As long as Jimbo lives, his lease on that diamond sliver of Miamiís posh waterfront will live on too"

Here's to Playboy

And buck-fifty beers: The Bitch's recent article about Jimbo's, "Aluminum Can Omen" (November 2), was shortsighted and, if the intention was to describe Jimbo's as a hippie retreat, more than a bit off the mark. By focusing on a few recent interviews and images depicted in an amateur (however well-intentioned) film, she has failed to realize how symbolic Jimbo's truly is. It's not a hangout for hippies, but a naturally preserved anomaly of the salty-dog/cracker lifestyle by the sea that is all but extinct within Miami's borders of burgeoning property values and the exotic-car-driving jet setters. Jimbo's is the kind of place where mangroves, manatees, and mosquitoes; herons, horse flies, and hermit crabs; bikers, barracudas, and bocce balls can coexist in an affable, ungrudging, rooster-crowing harmony. And it would be Fisher Island Phase VII if it weren't for an honest, garrulous, lovable merchant mariner who in the name of his live-shrimping trade struck a deal with the city so that the Miami Herald building could be built. Now the Herald is being chased out by developers, but as long as Jimbo lives, his lease on that diamond sliver of Miami's posh waterfront will live on too. Besides, where else can you see Miss February in her Valentine's Best Photo Shoot and interview the next episode of Miami Ink, all while nursing a dollar-fifty Budweiser, nibbling on a tasty hunk of smoked salmon and sitting on the same dock where Flipper once begged for sardines. Long live Jimbo!

Matthew Rotolante
Coconut Grove

Arza Is a Wimp

And a profane one: I loved the November 2 Riptide about Uncle Arza, that little bitch. He thought he was Superman. Just like Superman, he stood there and the bullets bounced off his chest. Then he ducked when the GOP hypocrites threw the gun at him. Little bitch!

J. Tomahawk Garcia

Porno for Bulimics

Is that like candy for perverts?: Regarding Lee Klein's "Luna Rocks" (November 2): Damn, Lee, that was obscene! My mouth was watering the whole time I was reading that piece. I gotta go to that joint. Or maybe the one in the Gables has some similar dishes. At any rate, that column would qualify as porno for bulimics. Karen Carpenter is making a reservation right now.

Glenn Suarez
South Miami via Staten Island


He's gone: Regarding Lee Zimmerman's "Rio Return" (November 9): I'm guessing this story was written way ahead of time, but it should have been updated with the fact that guitarist Andy Taylor quit Duran Duran on October 25. That's a pretty big oversight.

Beverly Hills, California

Help the Ladies

Not the righties: Joanne Green's article about abortion services in Miami, "In the Bag" (October 26), made me question whether the focus was on untrained providers or a veiled attempt to promote a pro-life agenda. We have worked hard to unstigmatize abortion. The photo and headline on that New Times cover reflect the sentiment that abortion is dirty and unsafe. It should be noted that it is one of the safest medical procedures offered to women — more so than carrying a pregnancy to full term. However, when untrained people offer abortion services, this is what happens.

This is also what happens when legislation interferes with a woman's ability to choose a safe abortion provider. Congress and governmental leaders do this by creating mandatory waiting periods, parental notification, and burdensome building codes, which often force health centers offering abortion services to close. This is what happens when women don't have the financial resources to obtain medical care and turn to anyone who is willing to help them. This is what we will continue to see happen until we stand up to our government and demand that, because abortion still is legal, we should have access to it. This is also what will continue to happen if we don't support local doctors who provide safe abortion services to women.

Diana Santana and Jessica Getz

Scorch Rice

Is my kinda stuff: Lee Klein missed a couple of phenomenal signature dishes at Scorch Grillhouse in "A Grill with Cheap Thrills" (October 26): the Scorch Salad, with an unreal cilantro vinaigrette, and the Scorch Rice, with scallions and mushrooms. Also the lamb shank is worthy of mention. Try it; you'll like it!

George Hoover
Miami Beach

A Primer on Pay

Thanks, teach: Regarding Rob Jordan's "Pay Fray" (October 19): Let me put the $3000 suggested pay raise into perspective for the public. That is what teachers will receive after earning a master's degree. It is the same amount they have been receiving for the past 30 years. Let's consider that at Nova University, it will cost a student a minimum of $12,000 to obtain that master's degree.

This year alone my gasoline bill has increased by $1500, and my homeowners' insurance by an additional $3000. That's $4500. Teachers cannot afford to stay here. They will cut back working past 3:20 p.m. They will "work to contract," not because they don't care about their students but to get to their second or third job. Teachers cannot afford to work for free. Our contracts get us further and further behind. My mailman makes $80,000 with overtime. We don't get overtime! In one state, sanitation workers receive $57,000 after 5.5 years on the job (that's their max, by the way, and it doesn't include overtime). Their hours are great.

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