District 2 Dustup

Watch for Frank Rollason to emerge from the slime

The beneficiary of all this squabbling might be Frank Rollason. The career bureaucrat has collected $105,729 campaign donations, mostly from real estate developers, general contractors, and prominent lawyers. Among the givers: two companies owned by Cuban political powerhouse Sergio Pino ($1000), zoning lawyers from Bilzen Sumberg ($3150), and companies owned by Miami Beach developer Tony Goldman ($7000).

For the past twenty years, Rollason has held high-ranking positions in the city, including interim city manager. He is credited with restoring fiscal accountability to the Miami Community Redevelopment Agency after taking over in 2003. He recently resigned.

In the end, the election might be irrelevant. If Winton is acquitted, the pugnacious pol would get his seat back and serve until November 2007. This past June 21, Winton said, "I'm fully expecting this will be a relatively short-lived suspension and I'll be back."

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