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"The streets look horrible. Everybody I talk to is like, ‘You’re right, man; gum is disgusting."

Although Salmon declined to comment for this story, her attorneys, Albert Gonzalez and Joseph Gosz, said their client is most certainly of the non-drug-using persuasion. There was no explanation for the failed drug test — which turned up amphetamines and sedatives — except for the Slim Spa supplements, the lawyers said. Gosz acknowledged he had not had the pills chemically tested but said he was confident he could prove the presence of controlled substances.

De la Paz Ortiz declined to comment. A woman identifying herself only as De la Paz Ortiz's accountant disputed Salmon's claim, saying there is extensive evidence to show that the diet supplements are indeed all-natural. Neither side would identify the brand name of the supplements, but Gonzalez said they were likely from Brazil.

Apparently Salmon isn't the only dieting nurse to flunk a drug test. Last year three women who had taken supposedly all-natural Brazilian dietary supplements failed re-employment tests at Baptist Hospital, according to news reports at the time. This past January, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers about those two brands — Emergence Sims and Herbathin, both of which are imported and distributed by Miami firms — saying they contained amphetamines, tranquilizers, and antidepressants.

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Baptist Hospital relented recently and hired Salmon, choosing to believe her story, according to Gonzalez. But her new employers are keeping a close eye, just in case the diet pill story is a fabrication. Salmon is under scrutiny and must submit to random drug tests, according to her lawyers. — Rob Jordan

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