Pay Fray

“Are they going to fire us all?”

Levesque, who is on disability leave, did not respond to e-mail and voicemail requests for an interview. Alison Steele, an attorney for the St. Petersburg Times, said the paper thought it was "unusual" for the judge to compel a reporter to testify in a federal court case.

The case Levesque is being asked to testify in concerns a Pasco County company accused of a $12 million fraud scheme. In 2004, the reporter interviewed the company's president.

Prosecutors have not requested that Levesque turn over his notes, which sometimes happens in cases when journalists testify. Not that it would matter: Levesque doesn't have them anymore. — Carl Jones

Pumping pumpkin with Julio Anta, your local 
hung gar kung fu master
Pumping pumpkin with Julio Anta, your local hung gar kung fu master


For a printable spreadsheet of school administrators' salaries, click HERE.

Holiday Advice from Julio Anta, Your Local Hung Gar Kung Fu Master
Grab that jack-o'-lantern and exercise with it like a medicine ball or a kettle bell. Pumping pumpkin can become a fun family holiday tradition. (See photo above.) — Calvin Godfrey

Down on Town Centers
A town center has become, in my mind, a euphemism for a NIMBY-like community which is giving a half-assed attempt to create an urban culture, with sufficient parking for all Mercedes Benzes, of course. Town centers build upon the urban concept without factoring in public transit, mobility, or any other neighborhood in the vicinity.
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