Waterfront Access Is for Commies

"Miami residents should take development where we can get it. It’s basically our last chance."

So because he won't answer our questions, we decided to supply a few questions — and answers — of our own:

Riptide: Why do you pummel people?
Kimbo: That's how a n---a eat, man.
Riptide: What's up with the haggard Mr. T look?
Kimbo: I'm not the champ yet, but I ain't scared, believe that.
Riptide: No disrespect, but you could trim that beard a little bit, don't you think?
Kimbo: Man, let me get my bread.
Riptide: How does it feel to get dropped three times by Chris Gannon?
Kimbo: I took it easy. I went light.
Riptide: How much money did you lose in that fight?
Kimbo: F--k that n---a; let's run this.
(Riptide feels the brutalizing sting of Kimbo's strong pimp hand.)
Kimbo: We're Goodfellas, man — remember that. — Francisco Alvarado

Got blood?
Got blood?

Fuck the Noles
I walked into Oxygen Lounge Saturday night and they were not difficult to spot. Three girls, dancing on poles in the “VIP” section, with a throng of male admirers drooling over their every move. I asked the security guard: “Are those FSU girls?” “Yeah,” he responded, shaking his head. “They need to get they ass back to Tally. Fuck the Noles.”
Taken from: White Dade (whitedade.blogspot.com)

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