Blind Date

Tasha Joseph's Website shows fiction is stranger than truth

"I'm comfortable with who I am, but I don't flaunt it," said Bill, explaining he had hoped not to disclose his sexuality while he was on the job. He soon began making friends and went out a few times with one of the firm's young female office workers.

"She seemed to have some emotional baggage, but she was fun.... I didn't really know anyone else," he recalled. "We got drunk one night and I walked her home.... She started trying to make out with me, like full-on," he shuddered. To avoid embarrassing the girl further, he said he was involved with someone in California. "I didn't really feel like giving her my life story and didn't know what else to say."

Rejected, the girl burst into tears.

Brian Sendelbach
Brian Sendelbach

The following day he brought her flowers by way of apology, only to be met with an icy glare — and she trashed the bouquet. For the remainder of his three-month gig, the girl went out of her way to avoid him, Bill claimed. "She's the only person I can think of that could have written this," he said. "And honestly, it doesn't really bother me, though she clearly has some major issues."

Of course the site does include claims that are likely rooted in truth. Take the case of 25-year-old Adam G.

"He was an acquaintance I knew through a friend of a friend," an unidentified user writes. "He raped and beat me when I was sixteen. He proceeded to keep me locked in a place unknown to me until the police found me a week later. He has been to jail several times and has a long rap sheet. He is dangerous and usually armed. He likes to prey on young teenage girls. I was not the first. I have been granted a lifetime restraining order by the Miami-Dade County Court."

Indeed court records show Adam G. has been arrested in Miami-Dade County at least seven times since 2001 and convicted of lewd and lascivious battery on a child, indecent exposure, and probation violation.

There is nothing in G.'s criminal history to authenticate the specific allegations in the online posting — and despite numerous attempts, G. could not be located for comment. However, a 2002 charge makes similar accusations. In court documents, a single mother of three who resides in West Kendall — call her Jane Doe — contends her daughter Helen (name changed), suffered a similar fate at G.'s hands. The girl was just fourteen years old.

Doe recalls in a sworn deposition that she first met the scrawny five-foot-eleven-inch G. during winter 2001 while shopping with her daughter at the Shops at Sunset Place in South Miami. "He presents himself as this poor person who was an abused child," Doe said in a follow-up interview. "He made you feel sorry for him."

Then Doe explained that G. visited Helen at the family's two-story townhouse on a couple of occasions despite the mother's attempts to discourage the friendship. Helen told police that G. said she "was pretty" and that "he was in love with her." According to police reports, in January 2002 he arrived at the family home, unbeknownst to Doe, and lured Helen to a nearby abandoned golf course. He gave her marijuana and asked her to have sex with him. "I agreed and I just laid there," Helen told police.

When Doe caught G. a few days later on her roof in the middle of the night, screaming, she called police. "I'll be honest," she said, "Helen was scared of him; so was I."

Helen told police that G. showed up at her mother's house the following day, enraged that the cops had been involved. He screamed at Helen and punched her in the face. In September 2002, G. was sentenced to five years of probation for his crimes against Helen. Since then he has been charged with indecent exposure, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

"When he was last seen, he had strawberry-blond hair," the anonymous DDHG poster writes. "A distinguishing physical mark is an anarchy tattoo on his right forearm. He was last spotted at Club O'Zone in Miami in 2004."

"He is armed and he does prey on young teenage girls," says Doe. "But people are going to believe what they want to because there are people out there that will write anything just to be nasty."

That sentiment is echoed by many of DDHG's alleged cheaters, a Pennsylvania man in particular.

Last November criminal defense lawyer Todd Hollis completed the 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run that made up the 2005 Ironman Florida Triathlon in Panama City. He was elated when his local paper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, printed his race picture.

But he had no idea that photograph would come back to haunt him.

Six months later, his handsome visage resurfaced on DDHG sided by allegations the 38-year-old African-American was a womanizing, shabbily dressed father of multiple children. "He looks like a chocolate dream until you get to know him," one person wrote.

A family member saw the posting, recognized him, and called to break the news.

"I was very shocked, embarrassed, and concerned," recalls Hollis, who alleges he later identified the anonymous author as Pennsylvania resident Carolyn Meritt Lattimore. "Ms. Lattimore is the friend of someone I casually dated approximately three years ago. She took my picture from the article and posted it as if she knew me, when in fact I have never met her in my life." Lattimore could not be reached for comment.

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