Blight Fight

Miamiís new economic development director left a dubious trail in the Big Easy

Former City Manager Joe Arriola and Commissioner Linda Haskins, deputy city manager under Arriola, were primarily responsible for hiring Mazique. Both said they had been unaware of the property issue when they hired Mazique, who came with excellent references. After hearing about the house, Haskins researched the issue but found nothing to suggest wrongdoing. "It seemed to me she was trying to save a historic property," Haskins said. "It sounded to me like one big mistake."

Mazique still owns the rundown house on Clio Street, according to property records. Little has changed, except that someone has stripped out the flooring, and the front portico has almost completely collapsed, according to Clark. "It would fall down in a heavy rain," he said.

Lisa Mazique's New Orleans eyesore
Courtesy of karley d. frankic
Lisa Mazique's New Orleans eyesore

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