DJ Sneak

With its always-free admission, Laundry Bar might just be the best musical bargain to be had in pricey South Beach — well, maybe ever. This is especially true when a world-renowned jock such as DJ Sneak takes to the turntables to unleash his brand of blunted house and funk groovage that has made him a close compatriot of top UK dance act Basement Jaxx. Sneak is still associated with Chicago, where he got his start and where he carried on from the city's innovators, but now makes his home in Toronto. Sneak's 1997's horn- and innuendo-laden "You Can't Hide from Your Bud" may well have been his biggest club hit, but thanks to his label, Magnetic Recordings, DJs know they can still rely on Sneak (whose real name is Carlos Sosa) for those underground tracks that keep their dance floors grinding at full throttle.


DJ Sneak plays Friday, September 8, at Laundry Bar, 721 N Lincoln Ln, Miami Beach. Admission is free, and the spinning begins at 10:00 p.m. For more information, call 305-531-7700 or visit www.laundrybarmi

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