These Could Be Yours

No surprise when it comes to breasts, Miami is best

"I went crazy," she says, laughing at the memory of that year. "I lost 50 pounds, turned 21, and got new breasts."

Within two years — after moving to Los Angeles to work in sales for a fitness club — Lynda made a career change that literally put her implants to work. One day she responded to an ad for bikini models. It turned out to be a front for an adult filmmaker. She vowed to try it only once, "just to make a $1000." But she loved it.

During the next two years, Lynda transformed herself into Shauna Banks — adult film star and busty model. "All of my work was big-breasted. Score, Hustler, Playboy TV.

"These implants have paid for themselves over and over again."

Now, like many women who have saline implants, Lynda is planning for replacements. "They start to get saggy and soft," Lynda says, "every ten years at least."

She's going to Rosenstein ("I would only go to him!"), but this time they'll be larger. "Double Ds," she says. "I mean, I was 105 pounds when I got the Ds. Now I'm 120 pounds. So they should be bigger. And maybe when I'm 40, I'll get even bigger ones."

Then she smiles and says, "One other thing. That aunt, Joyce, the one who criticized my breasts nine years ago? She just got her own." Lynda opens a file on her computer that shows her heavy-breasted 50-year-old aunt. "Look at her," she says, admiringly. "They look great."

The Connoisseur

Jay Steele, Lynda's hubby, is a voracious consumer of breasts — and not just his wife's implanted Ds. During the past five years, he estimates he has sucked, squeezed, and fondled more than 1500 pairs of breasts. "Love them. Real ones. Fake ones," says Steele, president of the reality-porn company Steele Productions. "I don't care. I love them all."

Steele — whose work has appeared on,,,, and — admits he has a particular weakness for real breasts. But if they are fake, he says, he has a few preferences:

1. Symmetrical. "We've seen crooked tits," says Steele, who loads a digital photo of a muscular blond girl. The girl is naked, posing suggestively. "She's beautiful," he says, almost mournfully. "We used her but had to put a bra on her. Some of these chop shops do a horrible job," he says, shaking his head. "Why would you be cheap on your body?"

2. Silicone. After years of fondling, Steele says the verdict is clear: Silicone is better — though Lynda has saline. Silicone breasts have a softer, juicier, more realistic feel. (Note: They're more expensive, and the FDA has more stringent restrictions on silicone implants.)

3. Under the muscle. Of the two major approaches cosmetic surgeons take — under and over the muscle — Steele says, "Under the muscle is way better." He doesn't know exactly how the procedure works, but in his testing, he likes the feel. "It's more natural, softer, a better texture."

4. Big. About 50 percent of the women Steele works with have implants. The average size, he says, is probably a full D. Usually girls who implant should err on the side of larger, he says. "They're always going back to increase the size."

That said, don't try to overdo it. Even Steele — who says he can deal with almost any situation ("If the breasts aren't great, I'll just stay positive and focus on something else.") — loathes the basketball-size implants that some adult stars have. "They feel like bricks."

The Porn Agent

Mona Lee, who is to porn what Drew Rosenhaus is to football, has worked with dozens of girls during her two years as a porn talent scout for FunXXXJobs.

Her advice to younger ladies: Time your augmentation carefully.

"If you're eighteen or nineteen or even early twenties," says Lee, who finds talent for Miami-based reality pornographers such as BangBros and Icey Porn Productions, "I would say don't do it. Because if you have fake breasts, you can forget about certain jobs."

For instance, aspiring porn stars need to be conscious of their possible gigs, she says. And one staple in adult movies is "the girl next door" or "the just-turned-eighteen" — sometimes called the "barely legal" genre. That work, Lee says, pays very well. "They want 100 percent natural. No tattoos. No piercings. And natural breasts."

But this work will eventually end.

"When you turn 24, you can't fool anyone with a girl-next-door routine. Then I'd say think seriously about getting implants."

And if you're getting augmented, and you want to make more money, Lee says, think big. "Really, really big. Double Ds. There's a lot of busty work out there. They can give you a second career."

Maria, Medium B

Not everyone in Miami talks unabashedly about their implants.

When Maria, a tiny, dark-haired 24-year-old, sat down one afternoon at a Coral Gables Starbucks, the encounter felt awkward — like a first date or a meeting with an undercover informant.

She wanted a pseudonym. And even in the anonymous surroundings of Starbucks on a late afternoon, with the ambient background chatter, she nearly whispered. There was a need for secrecy. "Most people don't know."

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