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No surprise when it comes to breasts, Miami is best

Can you tell fake ones from real ones?

Some women intentionally want them to look fake. They want big balls on their chest. But no, if it's well done, you really shouldn't be able to tell.

But aren't there situations — small frame, small butt, with D-size breasts — that are obviously fake?

Jay Steele, Lynda's husband, has personally tested hundreds of fake breasts. His advice: "Don't be cheap with your implants"
Jay Steele, Lynda's husband, has personally tested hundreds of fake breasts. His advice: "Don't be cheap with your implants"
Jay Steele with some buxom ladies
Jay Steele with some buxom ladies

No. You can't assume. Genetics is a funny thing. Yes, it's rare, but it happens.

What are the largest breasts you've ever implanted?

Three thousand cubic centimeters.

Can you translate that into a cup size?

The average implanted breast size is about 300 to 350 cubic centimeters. Okay? So 3000 is like a basketball. It's about money. There is this small group of exotic dancers who travel a circuit. It's like a cult. They're very weird. I don't do them anymore.

Are husbands behind many of these boob jobs?

Sure, they pressure wives or girlfriends. But sometimes they want to stop them from getting implants. I try to avoid dealing with them. I tell patients: "Husbands and boyfriends come and go. But you have to be happy with this."

What's the future for breast implants?

More and more popular. And they're getting bigger. It's competition. Some women ... say, "My friend has such-and-such a size.... I want to be bigger than her." Also we're seeing younger patients. Some girls are now asking for implants for their eighteenth birthday, instead of a new car. It's like a high school graduation gift.

Gina, Full C

Thirty-nine-year-old Gina is a Boobner alum who has had implants for nearly twenty years. At her Bal Harbour condo, before leaving for her Aspen place, she addressed one of the great mysteries of augmentation: Why would an attractive woman, blessed with perfectly nice natural breasts, need fakes?

In her case, the reason was Miami.

A native of Pensacola, she was by local standards pretty hot. Long blond hair, long legs, shapely, she was a hit on the local bikini model circuit. (She still has a box stuffed with awards from her bikini days.) "I was never insecure about my looks." And she never griped about her B-cup breasts.

But then she came south in '88 to attend the University of Miami. Here she began noticing a trend, particularly among the club/fashionista crowd on the Beach, where she worked part-time. "It was like the breasts were bigger. There were more Cs and Ds."

Gina discovered the secret of the busty Miamians: implants. And she found that, though implants were rare up north, here they were commonplace. At age 22, she went under the knife — increasing from a full B to a full C.

The newly busty Gina, who says her breasts are Halle Berry- or Elizabeth Hurley-size ("not like a stripper"), didn't receive a single sneer in the Magic City. It was like getting her hair done or buying a new skirt. People complimented her.

The larger breasts have been good to Gina. She likes the way they look, gets more attention from men, enjoys wearing low-cut clothes ("Why get implants if you're not going to use them?"), and jokes, "I never get bad service," but adds, "I get double discrimination. I'm a blond with big boobs."

And though she doesn't credit them with luring in her hubby, lawyer Howard Berlin, she admits, "They certainly didn't hurt."

Over the nearly two-decade life of her boobs, Gina's had one repair, and she's planning an upgrade. She is downright evangelical about the surgery, saying, "My girlfriends from Pensacola can't believe they're not real." She adds, "I've passed along at least ten people to Dr. Roudner. "

Lynda, Full D

Pre-implants, Lynda was chubby, big-haired, not very popular with guys. Then, at the age of nineteen, she went on a dramatic diet and lost more than 50 pounds. The newly svelte young woman, though, had a problem: Her breasts disappeared. She went from a D, as a 155-pounder, to a skinny A. Worse, they were saggy; there was excess skin from her weight loss.

Lynda had never considered implants before. But as part of her image rehab, as a way to solve the saggy breasts problem, she began consulting with doctors. She visited Dr. David Rosenstein in Boynton Beach, who pointed out that, owing to her weight loss, she was an unusual case.

Although most small-breasted women would normally choose a modest increase to maintain a natural appearance, Lynda says, because of her unique situation — the excess skin, the sagginess — she needed much larger breasts.

The surgery, nine years ago, radically changed her physique: When she emerged from it, she had gone from a flat-chested A to a buxom D. "The first time my dad saw me," she recalls, "he was shocked. He wasn't happy. "

She also heard scornful comments from her Aunt Joyce, who lived in New York. "She was saying, 'What'd you do, get fake boobs?' And she was critical of women with implants."

But there were others who had a very different reaction to her new breasts. At the health club where Lynda worked, Planet Fitness in Lantana, "everyone flipped out." Most of her co-workers said, "They look great."

And then there were men. "They immediately started noticing me." Within two weeks of the surgery, Lynda says, "I had a mad-hot Brazilian boyfriend."

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