Letters from the Issue of August 31, 2006

"This movie was refreshing and poignant, and I had to go back twice"

Love and Complaint

This film rocked: Regarding Frank Houston's "Cine Havana" (August 17): I loved the movie. It captured the tempo and beauty of the real Cuba. What I found in Love & Suicide is what I would want to experience on a trip to Cuba — the pain of life and the beauty and satisfaction one finds in the simple things. Please keep making movies, Mr. Moro. Bravo! You open our eyes to what is important in life.

Jennifer Howard
Los Angeles, California

This review didn't: About Frank Houston's review of Love & Suicide: Wow. Okay, this is one person's perspective — definitely not the consensus among the Cuban-Americans who were in the theater when I saw it. The reaction was more heartfelt, with tears of reminiscence and reflection. The lobby was full of people talking about Luis Moro's performance (which was so convincing you wonder if there is a little bit of the character Alberto in him) and their own relationships with their "daddies." Maybe if it were a glamorized Hollywood commercial film with a $100-million budget, Mr. Houston would have taken a different stand. Just that Moro and France were able to shoot this film in the first place is a triumph. Also, from what I understand, Moro was born in Cuba and came here young.

This movie was refreshing and poignant, and I had to go back and see it twice, it gripped me so much. I will be doing it again this weekend with my parents.

Compared with Lost City, in which I was disappointed with the depiction, the fantasy, and Andy Garcia's egocentrism, Love & Suicide is a refreshing look at the real Cuba. Hard cynics have been surprised at how touching this movie is.

It's difficult to find authentic movies anymore in the world of product placement and out-of-control stars.

Refreshing, is my perspective on it.

Isabella Mendez
Coral Gables

Shot Himself in the Foot

But at least he didn't put it in his mouth: Carlos Suarez De Jesus's review of Elsa Muñoz's installation in his article "Home Groan" (August 17) is as provincial as it is mean-spirited. Frankly it speaks more to the writer than the artist he decided to take to task with his insulting review. The show features four artists, yet the bulk of the article is spent disparaging Muñoz's installation. It's refreshing to see that Suarez De Jesus has an opinion and it's clear, but the six paragraphs about Muñoz are truly hurtful and make me cringe. His tone is that of a cool, cavalier art bully who delights in beating up work he has decided is "easy pickings." His wish to "mow her shit down" or aim "a leaf blower at Muñoz's embarrassing mess" is neither constructive nor clever. With this "lemon" he has taken down a well-intended show at the expense of himself.

Jenny Brillhart
Miami Beach

Metal Marriage

Or maybe magical mating, if you like alliteration: I read Josh Schonwald's "Metal Magic" (August 17). My daughter got married May 20 in the Keys, and her rehearsal dinner was at Snooks Bayside the previous day. We were at the restaurant while the "Metal Magic" magician, Michael Trixx, performed, and we loved the show! He is totally different and fun to watch.

Lois Coniglio
Port Washington, New York

I Love Weed

And I'm eating Cheetos as I write this: I just read Josh Schonwald's article about the rise of hydroponic cultivation of marijuana in Miami, "Weed Warriors" (August 17). I had always considered your newspaper to be a source of opinions that contrast with the conspicuous deceit of state-manufactured propaganda. Yet this article proclaims the evils of marijuana and justifies the persecution of those involved in its production; I have become very confused about the relevance of science, the media, and criminology in journalism.

It's easy to prove that the author disregarded science. In the closing, there is a statement referenced to a policeman with regard to academic performance and the use of marijuana. It seems foolhardy for a policeman to make assumptions the scientific establishment can't. On the other hand, it is deceitful to close an article with an argument lacking any truth that is quoted from a source without any knowledge of the field. Since I am not aware of any studies linking marijuana use to any physical, psychological, or intellectual problems, please forward me a reference to accepted scientific studies linking pot-smoking to academic performance.

I am simply surprised that any tool of mass communication would quote a policeman on anything other than harassing lower-income families. That is of course unless the medium in question is a governmental subsidiary with the express intention of conducting a disinformation campaign. Please publish an article to counter the misinformation in "Weed Warriors," perhaps one citing the socioeconomic breakdown of drug convictions, the incidence of habeas corpus violation in the ghetto, and, if you feel courageous, chronicling the ethnic character of the war on marijuana and booze.

It is much too clear that law enforcement's true goal is to jail as many low-income, minority males as possible.

Thank you for helping your government subvert the truth. Count one less reader.

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