Shopping for Schlock

It's big! It's bold! It's bad. Really bad.

After exiting the pimped-out nook, I asked Braemer, also an artist, if he had any qualms that serious art lovers might perceive Art Fusion as little more than a glorified flea market for bad art.

"I don't care about that stuff; we are not a pretentious place," he said. "When I learned that a Rothko sold for millions, I painted Rothko Lives and got $2000 for it," he added, motioning to one of his Rothko knockoffs in the window of the Pronto Framing shop across the street.

Braemer won't dicker about the quality of his gallery's art and says with a smile he's happy to negotiate prices.

Alexandra Spyratos's paintings of herding zebras
Alexandra Spyratos's paintings of herding zebras


Through September 28
Art Fusion Galleries, 1 NE 40th St, Miami; 305-573-5730

Art, after all, is a luxury item, he reminds — and a serious investment. "Anyone can buy a used car for the price of a painting, but we want people to go home with something they will enjoy so much more."

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