Letters from the Issue of August 24, 2006

"I'm close to a million dollars in debt on this film"

Jeff Rivera
North Miami

Ban Binge

He's a diplomat: Regarding "Commie Book Ban" by Rob Jordan (August 10): It is unfortunate that so much time and expense are being wasted to ban the children's book Vamos a Cuba (Let's Go to Cuba) from school libraries. May I suggest a compromise? Simply change the title to Vamos a Cuba a Ver Castro Morir. (Let's Go to Cuba to Watch Castro Die).

Glenn Terry
Coconut Grove

She's a zealot: In reference to "Commie Book Ban": I am an avid supporter and defender of books and free speech. Having read books like Fahrenheit 451, I understand the need to have all sorts of different voices to learn from. Unfortunately this is not a different voice but an all-out falsehood. It's one thing to talk about the realities in Cuba in a way that will not scare five-year-olds, but it's another to tell them complete lies about a system that has been oppressing people for more than 40 years. It's the same brainwashing I received in high school about Plymouth Rock and the massacres of Indians. It is twisting the truth. I believe we should always remain true to history; otherwise we as a society and as a race will never evolve to higher ways of thinking. Without teaching about the wrongdoings of the past to our future generations, how will we ever learn to become better people?

Tanya Diaz
Via the Internet

Ant Fun

Oooold ant fun: As an avid gamer, I enjoy your reviews. In Luke O'Brien's article "Ant Wussy" (August 10), he mentions there is a great game to be made about ant life. I wanted to point out there is a 1991 PC game called SimAnt that fits that description. I played it endlessly in my early high school years and wish I still had a copy.

I found this link for it: http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=983.

If you have the opportunity to try it out, I think you'll find it's quite entertaining and still holds up after more than fifteen years. Cheers!

Mark Pidal

The Saddest Profession

Breaks hearts on the island: I agree with Chuck Strouse's stance on the doctoring of the photo in question in his article "Listen Up, McClatchy" (July 27). I think it represents laziness on the part of those involved, because I'm certain that such images would not be difficult to capture in Cuba today. Just ask anyone who has been there in the past ten years.

It is a fact that Cuba has become a "sex-travel destination" for Americans and Europeans, and the government sees it as just another source of revenue, whereas for the jineteras it is just a way to survive.

Gabriel A. Costa, MD
Via the Internet

No Relation

Artistry returns to the big screen: Excellent article, "Undercover of the Night" (July 27) by Scott Foundas. I also enjoyed Michael Mann's latest montage version of Miami Vice because of its departure from the ordinary Hollywood action movie — even though at times it bordered on an episode of Cops.

Paul Mann
Miami Beach


The August 8 Rampage column, "Quiet Please," misstated the address for Privé. It is 136 Collins Ave. And "Tour de Dope" (July 27) misidentified Ben Johnson's nationality. He is Canadian.

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