A city hound visits a winery, learns about gator farming, and denounces cheese cubism

As The Bitch watched cautiously from the sidelines, a tall woman with a salt-and-pepper pageboy and startling, childlike blue eyes introduced herself: "Hi there. I'd like to thank you for coming, and welcome you to my museum!"

Oh! I thought the Bass family donated the museum to the city of Miami Beach, like, a long time ago....

"The museum belongs to everyone, but mostly to the members ... and I am a member," the woman explained. "My name is Rebecca. I grew up in Miami Beach, but I had a breakdown, a total breakdown, when I was seventeen, and then my sister had to take care of me."

Location Info


Schnebly Redland's Winery

30205 SW 217th Ave.
Homestead, FL 33030

Category: Breweries and Wineries

Region: Homestead/Florida City


The Bitch didn't really know what to say about that and sipped her Diet Coke pensively.

"Well, I have to go mingle, but you should definitely become a member as well," Rebecca advised.

Um, I'll definitely consider it!

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