Letters from the Issue of August 17, 2006

I'm climbing out from under the hideous perception of "felon"

Nathan-Lam Vuong
Coral Gables

He's a Great Talent

But for sure a major geek: Jake Nelson hit Adam Singer square on the head with the phrase "a certain undeniable nerdiness" in his story "The Bedroom Tapes" (August 10). I have known Adam for a couple of years, and we converse on a pretty regular basis. We talk music; we talk life. He is quite a bit like the brother I never had.

This article makes me happy and gives me hope that he is scratching his name into some area of Miami nightlife and getting closer to something bigger.

Adam Batley

Remembers the Myst

And wants to read more about the gameosphere: Hi there! I liked Trevor Aaronson's "Megabyte Millionaire" (August 3) very much — most of all because of the multiple angles in the story. You did a very thorough job on the research; you have plowed deep and far to get that information. This is by far the best article I have read concerning EU/Club Neverdie and the infamous Jon Jacobs.

Suggestion: Why not try to capture what goes on up on the asteroid any given week and do an article about that?

Kristoffer Haskjold
Via the Internet

A Nice Way of Saying ...

The letter writer is an inhumane boor: After stunning consensus on the horror of foie gras on these letter pages, finally Jacqueline Church of Suite101.com had to pop up and attempt to defend the indefensible in her letter "More Foie Skirmishing" (August 3).

Jacqueline suggests there are more important things we (compassionate people) should be focusing on. She probably doesn't understand that people go hungry every night and inner-city children go without, because there are too many people in this country who are not prepared to support government programs to stop poverty. She probably also doesn't understand that there is plenty of food for everyone in the world, but too many world leaders spend their time eating "gourmet food" with their buddies rather than concentrating on bringing peace and prosperity to all.

People who are compassionate to animals are compassionate people. They lament the starving of the world's poor and the senseless death of people on both sides of wars.

We give our voices to animals because every day nine billion of them live in horrendous conditions in factory farms, suffering intense confinement, brutality, and pain for their entire lives.

If Jacqueline doesn't see the intense suffering of these animals as being worthy of focus, then I can't see her giving a damn about anybody who cannot afford her "gourmet" standard of living.

Just this once, Jacqueline, please stop deflecting an issue in an attempt to defend the indefensible, and try to see both human and animal suffering for what it is — a result of the inhumanity of mankind.

Brad King, organizer
South Florida Animal Rights Meetup Group
Miami Beach

On Becoming a Star

Via word of Internet: Thank you so much to Jake Nelson for writing the Live Wire piece about me (July 27). It was truly a pleasant surprise. I e-mailed the link to the online article to more than 1000 recipients and posted it on MySpace as well. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Tiffany Miranda

Niña Needs More Space

I want to bring all my friends: I read Jake Nelson's Live Wire piece about Niña Pastori (July 13). La Pastori was absolutely wonderful when she performed at Macarena. Even though the venue was not befitting of her talent, she outdid herself in her delivery, which ranged from ballads to bulerías. Macarena is a delightful place, and I thank its management for inviting La Niña here, but it did not have the suitable space for her Miami fans. Maybe next time we host La Pastori, Miami will honor her with a stage that will appropriately accommodate her talent, caliber, and presence.

Mercedes V. Abad

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