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Price thinks big, snags contract with Geffen

Beckerman explains that a benefit Price enjoyed was that the record representatives already trusted his opinion. He'd gotten bands like Endo and Breaking Benjamins signed to major labels in the past and therefore already had a solid relationship with the music industry. However, not until he met Chris Perez two years ago did he find a musician he passionately wanted to get signed.

"I saw Chris perform on his own with just his acoustic guitar, and he started playing songs that were so incredible. I saw something in it that blew me away immediately," Beckerman says. "I really hadn't found a band that blew me away enough with talent and with their young attitude."

After sifting through offers from labels like Columbia and Atlantic, Price decided on Geffen. "Ron [Fair, Geffen Records chairman] sat down and was able to pick out parts of songs that they played and understood them immediately," Beckerman explains.

Chris Perez: "I want to make the first great record of the new millennium"
Jake Nelson
Chris Perez: "I want to make the first great record of the new millennium"


Shortly after this article was written, Fernando Perdomo left the band for personal reasons. Price will be heading to Los Angeles to record its first full-length album within the next two weeks. To hear the band's music in the meantime, go to pricetheband.

"Everybody involved [at Geffen] has worked on records that are me and Adonis's top ten," adds Perdomo.

The Price bandmates closed on their deal last week and soon will be heading to Los Angeles to record.

"We're not going in for four months to cut a record," Beckerman explains. "We're going in for a short time period and going straight into it, and then hitting the road for the rest of our lives."

As Beckerman describes the recording and touring process, it begins to sink in with the rest of the band that something serious is happening to them.

"It just hit me that we're about to blow up," says Cross.

"The most important week of our lives is this week, and maybe possibly next week, " says Perdomo. "That year of effort has really paid off."

And while the record deal doesn't necessarily mean musical mainstream success, Chris is optimistic about the future, drawing on his past successes as support.

"The last band we had played similar music and we got the entire Beach High crazy about them. They were buying that shit like cigarettes. If we can get one high school like that, and it wasn't hard to do, if we can infiltrate a place like that into what we're doing, then I know that we're going to make a huge fucking impact."

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