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How Elsa Carolina Muńoz almost drove me to drive

I also found Marina del Rosario Huang's PVC Sketch intriguing. The artist has taken material used for common household plumbing to create her soaring abstract vision of a bathroom, although a roll of toilet paper jutting from an end of one of the pipes seems a tad overripe. Rising from floor to ceiling against a wall painted a chalky brown, with the pipes arranged in grids or undulating fluidly across the space, the work reminded me of one of David Smith's sculptures or a wire drawing by Gego. The playful piece has a bit of a hamster's Habitrail or jungle-gym vibe.

Huang also squeaks into the show a pair of glass tile mosaic jobs — Rubber Duckie No. 1 and Rubber Duckie No. 2 — that would leave Sesame Street's Ernie squealing with delight — and then biting off his tongue. The large oval-shape pieces, executed in crisp blue, red, yellow and orange hues, are chock-a-block with wicked tubby-time fun. One of Huang's duckies is cute, chubby, and happy as it bobs in some suds, while the other, an apparent suicide, swings from a noose tied to a shower curtain rod.

Even though the lemon in the window crashes and burns, consider the rest of the fleet worth a drive.

Huang's Rubber Duckie No. 1
Huang's Rubber Duckie No. 1
PhillipsÂ’s family portrait
PhillipsÂ’s family portrait


Through September 10
ArtCenter/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach; 305-674-8278

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