Letters from the Issue of August 3, 2006

"If an egotistical narcissist wishes to make 10,000 people uncomfortable, she shouldn't charge $200 per ticket"

Crystal Foss

Forget the foie, show me the money: I enjoy your restaurant reviews. I write, however, to ask that New Times write an article about tipping. The reason is that whenever I go to a restaurant, the end of the meal is usually the most stressful time of the evening. Many restaurants make a habit of improper tip-related tactics. These include automatically including the tip, automatically setting a tip of eighteen percent, not returning change (or worse, claiming change cannot be provided because of lack of cash), and other sordid practices.

Maybe I am just cheap, but I always understood that a tip reflects the level of service received. I make every effort to tip accordingly. I do not appreciate the many current and growing abuses by restaurants and waitstaff concerning tips.

Michael Galex
Coral Gables

Listen Up, Grandpa

Get your head out of the time machine: Nice Zodiac Mindwarp reference in Eric Saeger's "Demolition Doll Rods" (June 29). You obviously date back to the "heyday" of "alternative" rock. Your review is telling us too much about Saeger. He is a dinosaur yet still manages to have little musical knowledge or perspective. He is afraid or perhaps doesn't like women. His genitals wish they were attached to anything else other than him. He really digs The Boss, Bob Dylan, and Lou Reed; he hates skateboards.

Neil Martussi
South Beach

Gluten Great

They stick together: One thing not mentioned in the article by Lee Klein about P.F. Chang's, "Chang's Changes Chinese" (June 29), was that they offer a gluten-free menu, which is very rare for restaurants. As one of the many hundreds of thousands of people with celiac disease, I have had the pleasure of making P.F. Chang's a favorite. As more and more people who have been misdiagnosed with things such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastric reflux disease, and a host of other problems are finding, the cause is actually gluten!

Elizabeth Payne

Super Redundant

What's new, Krypto-cat? I agree with Robert Wilonsky's film review "Recycled Steel" (June 29), except I couldn't forgive the makers of Superman Returns for repeating the past: They obviously didn't learn from it, so we are all doomed to repeat it. I think it was fine to treat the first two Superman movies as prequels to this story, but like the X-Men, let's move on to bigger and better villains. Why in hell would Superman fall for another trap (green kryptonite) set by Lex Luthor? Is he also Stupidman or Stuporman? Let's see him fight someone or something that has his strength or maybe bring another superhero in on the plot to collaborate with the Man of Steel. Of the entire legacy of Superman material, the only thing Brian Singer could come up with was Superman fights Lex Luthor. We can get that for free on the small screen in Smallville.

Chris Ossman

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