She's Been Called a Bitch

But Khia's got no love for the word ho

Khia sees a big difference between her brand of blatant sexuality and that of her posturing peers. "I don't approve of it, just thinking that whoring is something to be proud of. I might be saying, 'My neck, my back,' but I'm still saying respect me, please me, make me feel good. I ain't gon' be like, I'll suck your dick, pay me, and it's all about money. It's about demanding respect and loving yourself," she explains.

She also has harsh words for the snowmen of the industry. "A lot of rappers is rapping about selling drugs, but they aren't really telling you about the downside of that life. If you talking about that mess, you selling your soul. Bitches is turning to hoes, and they need to ask the Lord to forgive them for their sins, and take responsibility for their actions. Even thugs need to know they need to get on your knees and repent because they're fucking up," she retorts.

In the future, Khia plans to open a performance space in Atlanta, and she expresses a desire to create a Thug Misses clothing line or — wait for it — a My Neck, My Back perfume. She dreams of working with Missy Elliott and her idols Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and Lil Jon. She recently recorded a duet with Janet Jackson, and their collaboration provided fresh mulch for the gossipmongers, with reports appearing on several hip-hop Websites that Khia had made negative statements about Janet and Jermaine Dupri. When questioned about an anti-Janet quote attributed to her in an article on, Khia is flabbergasted. "Oh, that is ridiculous! Why would I say anything like that? Why would I not want to be a part of her album? It's Janet Jackson — are y'all crazy? I don't know where they get these stories from!" she exclaims angrily.

Khia plans to open a performance space as well as create a Thug Misses clothing line and a My Neck, My Back perfume
Khia plans to open a performance space as well as create a Thug Misses clothing line and a My Neck, My Back perfume


Gangstress hit the store shelves July 11. Khia wants all of her fans to hit her up at "I love MySpace. I want my fans to know it's not a publicist or somebody; it's me on the computer. I read all of my messages. I check it every day."

Khia is busy writing some stories of her own. In addition to her increasingly message-based rhymes, she has written an autobiographical book called Gangsta Love, which she hopes to release by year's end. "You'll definitely be able to see where the mug shots and the songs come from. It's definitely something I want to bring to film. We need a Girlz N Da Hood! Guys always show their stories, but us women, we go through a lot of shit out here, and we need to bring it to life!"

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