The Miami Strangler, Part 1

Brilliant thug Harrel Braddy has terrorized South Florida since 1984. The death needle awaits.

"I'd like to say that during this time after I escaped, nobody was harmed, nobody was hurt," Braddy told the judge at his sentencing. "I seen pictures on TV. I was watching everything on TV. I read the newspapers. I read what was said, and this and that, but I am not what you would call, you know, a dangerous individual. When the guy stopped me in Georgia, I was driving. The state trooper, he was there; we were on a lonely road by ourselves. I was armed with a .357 Magnum. I did not attempt to do anything.... But I'm not trying to justify what I did. I was wrong for what I did."

Braddy was incarcerated at Glades Correctional Institute in Belle Glade. While in prison, he trained to be a paralegal — an education he later used in three unsuccessful attempts to appeal his plea and sentencing.

In 1997, after having served thirteen years in state custody, Braddy was released.

Accused killer Harrel Braddy is a master manipulator
Trevor Aaronson
Accused killer Harrel Braddy is a master manipulator

One year later, he met Shandelle Maycock, a single mother. She had a beautiful little girl named Quatisha.

Next week: Find out how Harrel Braddy has evaded justice in the brutal murder of a five-year-old girl.

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