Letters from the Issue of July 13, 2006

My wife and I were heading for divorce from all this chaos"

Rob Crowley

Hey, Sally

You just can't say no: In reference to "Inherit the Worth" by Francisco Alvarado (June 8): How does Sally Heyman justify $300,000 in campaign contributions from developers, lobbyists, and lawyers? Her response is that she has made many friends during her nineteen years in politics. When one sits in traffic on U.S. 1, the response is self-explanatory. These high-powered people appear to have received a good return for their paltry $300,000 invested. It will probably suffice to re-elect her.

Next time you sit in traffic on Biscayne Boulevard, ask what you as a voter got. Ask if your commissioner gave you affordable housing. Ask to which developer Heyman responded just plain no. Ask what she has done for this county, and then please ask what this county has done for her.

Marion Burson

More Foxy

No food critic is bossing him around: Let's hope this will be the last word about Fox's Sherron Inn and Bill Citara's review "Not So Good Old Days" (June 8). But does anyone really care what some person, who has the mentality to pick on the handicapped, thinks of a restaurant? I was at Fox's last night for my weekly visit. It didn't look to me as if anyone was being forced to be there against his or her will. We still, at least at this time, live in a country where we can dine where we please. We don't need a food critic to tell us which establishments we should or should not frequent.

Jeff Haller

Boy, does she make the food sound good: That was a ruthless and totally unrealistic review of Fox's by Bill Citara. It's an insult to all of us who have been going there for 30 plus years, and some for 60 years. The food has always been excellent, and your description turns it into some joke. Citara appears very immature with his "sucks" comments. Every restaurant can have an off day. The review was very childish — even though I grant you that at times I've been disappointed — but the place tries very hard to provide good food. Bean soup is not bland; it's actually very hearty, and you can always add salt. House salad comes with dinner and has iceberg lettuce in it, and the dressing is homemade. If Fox's isn't your kind of place, fine, but many people love it just the way it is. What dive do you know serves lobster, prime rib, and duck? Then again, your reviews are a play on words for entertaining young people and should not be taken too seriously.

Denise Smith
South Miami

Love Stinks

So forget about it, bucko: Thank you, Estrella Eguino, for your letter "Don't Pity the Rich, Pity the Reader" (June 8). I haven't laughed this genuinely in a good long while. "Little Whatever"! Too funny. To New Times: Who is this woman? She's funny and right on the money. I think I'm in love.

John Greenfield
Coral Gables

Print This

Art director Michael Shavalier's work has been chosen for Print magazine's prestigious Regional Design Annual 2006. Judges determined that a cover design for a story that appeared this past September titled "Disintegration" was among "the best designs ... being produced throughout the U.S."

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